Zoo Booty Puff Puff Credits


Programming by Robert D. Bruce


Audio Engineer: Bill Bruce

All sounds Copyright 2012 Robert D. Bruce, except those listed below.

Zebra sound Copyright 2012 Tiffany L. Bruce.
Bear sound Copyright 2012 Trinity L. Bruce.
Turtle sound Copypright 2012 Lauren C. Bruce.
Monkey 1 sound Copyright 2012 Bill Bruce.
About Screen sound Copyright 2012 Bill Bruce.


All images Copyright 2012 Tiffany L. Bruce, except those listed below.

Lion image Copyright Lisa Williams

Zebra image Copyright Elizabeth

Bear image Copyright Scott Granneman
Any reuse of our edited version must adhere to the Original License

All images used within accordance of the owner's license at the time of download on 4/19/2012.

Zoo Booty Puff Puff(tm) Zebra Character Copyright 2012 Patricia Dailey.
Patricia's web stores:

Thank you Patricia!

Beta Testers

A very special thanks to Trinity and Lauren for beta testing!